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Great Explorers

Name Dates Nationality Major Voyages of Exploration
Amundsen, Roald 1872-1928 Norwegian 1911 voyage to the South Pole
Baffin, William 1584-1622 English 1616 explores Baffin Bay
Balboa, Vasco Nunez de 1475-1517 Spanish 1513 reaches the Pacific Ocean
Bougainville, Louis de 1729-1811 French 1766 begins circumnavigation of the globe
Cabral, Pedro Alvarez 1467-1520 Portuguese 1500 reaches Brazil
Cartier, Jacques 1491-1557 French 1534 explores the coast of N America
Cook, James 1728-1779 English 1769 Maps coast of New Zealand and Australia
1770 lands at Botany Bay
1774 reaches S Georgia and the Sandwich Islands
1778 explores islands now known as Hawaii
Davis, John 1550-1605 English 1585 expedition to Greenland; discovers the Davis Strait
Diaz, Bartholomeu 1450-1500 Portuguese 1488 sails round Cape of Good Hope
Diaz, Dinis 15th century Portuguese 1446 reaches Cape Verde and Senegal
Drake, Francis 1540-1596 English 1580 completes circumnavigation of the globe
Gama, Vasco da 1469-1525 Portuguese 1497 sails round Cape of Good Hope
1498 explores coast of Madagascar and discovers sea route to India
Gomes, Diogo 1440-1484 Portuguese 1469 crosses the equator
Hillary, Edmund 1919- New Zealander 1953 first ascent of Mount Everest, with Norgay Tenzing
Hudson, Henry 1565-1611 English 1610 discovers Hudson's Bay
Livingstone, David 1813-1873 English 1841 reaches Lake Ngami
1855 reaches the Victoria Falls
Lopez de Cardinas, Garcia   Spanish 1540 recahes the Grand Canyon
Magellan, Ferdinand 1480-1521 Portuguese 1520 discovers Strait of Magellan
1521 explorers the Philippinnes
Mendoza, Pedro de 1487-1537 Spanish 1536 founds Buenos Aires
Nansen, Fridjof 1861-1930 Norwegian 1888 crosses Greenland
Peary, Robert 1856-1920 American 1909 successful voyage to reach North Pole
Raleigh, Walter 1552-1618 English 1595 explores Orinoco River
1617 explores Guiana
Saussure, Horace 1740-1799 Swiss 1787 first ascent of Mont Blanc
Scott, Robert Falcon 1868-1912 English 1912 reaches South Pole
Shackleton, Ernest 1874-1922 English 1914 leads expedition to Antarctica
Stanley, Henry Morton English 1871-1904 1875 traces Congo to the Atlantic
Tasman, Abdel Janszoon 1603-1659 Dutch 1642 reaches Tasmania and New Zealand
Tenzing, Norgay 1914-1986 Nepalese 1953 first ascent of Mount Everest, with Edmund Hillary
Verrazano, Giovanni da 1485-1528 Italian 1524 reaches New York Bay and the Hudson River
Vespucci, Amerigo 1454-1512 Italian 1499 discovers mouth of Amazon River
1501 explores coast of S America

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