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Rulers of England and Great Britain

Period Name of Ruler Dates of Rule History
Saxons and Danes Egbert 802-39 King of Essex
Ethelwulf 839-58 Son of Egbert. King of Wessex, Sussex, Kent, Essex
Ethelbald 858-60 Son of Ethelwulf. Displaced his father as King of Wessex
Ethelbert 860-5 Second son of Ethelwulf. King of Wessex
Ethelred 865-71 Third son of Ethelwulf. King of Wessex
Alfred (the Great) 871-99 Fourth son of Ethelwulf. Defeated the Danes
Edward (the Elder) 899-924 Son of Alfred. United England and claimed Scotland
Athelstan (the Glorious) 924-39 Son of Edward. King of Mercia, Wessex
Edmund 939-46 Third son of Edward. King of Wessex, Mercia
Edred 946-55 Fourth son of Edward
Edwy (the Fair) 955-9 Eldest son of Edmund. King of Wessex
Edgar (the Peaceful) 959-75 Younger son of Edmund. Ruled all England
Edward (the Martyr) 975-8 Son of Edgar. Murdered by stepmother
Ethelred II (the Unready) 978-1016 Second son of Edgar
Edmund (Ironside) 1016 Son of Ethelred II. King of London
Canute 1016-35 The Dane. Became ruler by conquest
Harold I (Harefoot) 1037-40 Illegitimate son of Canute
Hardecanute 1040-2 Son of Canute by Emma. King of Denmark
Edward (the Confessor) 1042-66 Younger son of Ethelred II
Harold II 1066 Brother-in-law of Edward the Confessor. Last Saxon King
House of Normandy William I (the Conqueror) 1066-87 Became ruler by conquest
William II (Rufus) 1087-1100 Third son of William I
Henry I 1100-1135 Youngest son of William I
House of Blois Stephen 1135-54 Grandson of William I
House of Plantagenet Henry II 1154-89 Grandson of Henry I
Richard I (Coeur de Lion) 1189-1199 Third son of Henry II. Crusader
John 1199-1216 Youngest son of Henry II. Signed Magna Carta 1215
Henry III 1216-72 Son of John
Edward I (Longshanks) 1272-1307 Son of Henry III
Edward II 1307-1327 Son of Edward I. Deposed by parliament
Edward III 1327-77 Son of Edward II
Richard II 1377-99 Grandson of Edward III. Deposed
House of Lancaster Henry IV 1399-1413 Grandson of Edward III
Henry V 1413-22 Son of Henry IV. Victor of Battle of Agincourt 1415
Henry VI 1422-61 Son of Henry V
Henry VI 1470-71 Second period of rule
House of York Edward IV 1461-70 Great-grandson of Edward III
Edward IV 1471-83 Second period of rule
Edward V 1483 Son of Edward IV. Murdered in Tower of London
Richard III (Crookback) 1483-5 Brother of Edward IV. Fell at Bosworth Field
House of Tudor Henry VII 1485-1509 Descendant of Edawrd III
Henry VIII 1509-47 Son of Henry VII. Created Church of England
Edward VI 1547-53 Son of Henry VIII (by Jane Seymour)
Mary I 1553-8 Daughter of Henry VIII (by Catherine of Aragon)
Elizabeth I 1558-1603 Younger daughter of Henry VIII (by Anne Boleyn)
House of Stuart James I / James VI of Scotland 1603-25 Descendant of Henry VII. First King of Great Britain
Charles I 1625-49 Son of James I. Beheaded
Commonwealth Oliver Cromwell 1649-60 Lord Protector
Richard Cromwell (son) 1658-9 Lord Protector
House of Stuart Charles II 1660-85 Son of Charles I
James II 1685-88 Younger son of Charles I. Deposed
William III 1689-1702 Grandson of Charles I
Mary II 1689-94 Daughter of James II. Ruled together with William III
Anne 1702-14 Younger daughter of James II
House of Hanover George I 1714-27 Great-grandson of James I
George II 1727-60 Only son of George I
George III 1760-1820 Grandson of George II
George IV 1820-30 Eldest son of George III
William IV 1830-7 Third son of George III
Victoria 1837-1901 Granddaughter of George III
House of Saxe-Coburg Edward VII 1901-10 Son of Victoria
House of Windsor George V 1910-36 Son of Edward VII
Edward VIII 1936 Eldest son of George V. Abdicated
George VI 1936-52 Second son of George V
Elizabeth II 1952-present Daughter of George VI

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